Windows 7 Loader Extreme – Windows 7 Activator 2021

Windows 7 Loader Extreme

Windows 7 Loader Extreme

Download Windows 7 Loader Extreme

password => 2019


What is Windows 7 Loader Extreme

Windows 7 Loader Extreme – is universal auto activator for Windows 7 and Vista, it quite known and popular activator. It suitable for absolutely any edition or build of Windows 7.
After successful activation you will have access absolutely to all features of Windows. After activating your Windows 7 will pass any check on the authenticity and respectively will download official updates from Microsoft.


How to use Windows 7 Loader Extreme

  1. Remove any other KMS solutions.
  2. Turn Off your Windows Defender or another AntiVirus Software for 3 minutes. You should manually disable Tamper Protection (if installed),
    Real-Time protection, Cloud-Delivered protection and Auto Sample submission.
  3. Disable SmartScreen using configuration file “DisableSmartScreen.reg” (Press Run, Yes, Ok).
  4. Extract the downloaded file contents to a simple path without special characters or long spaces, password => 2019
  5. Run Windows 7 Loader XE with Run as Administrator.
    The easiest way of activation for windows. You do not even need to push a button – simply wait a minute and Windows 7 Loader XE will automatically choose appropriate way of licensing for your version of Windows 7 operation system.
  6. Reboot your PC. (it will be rebooted automatically).
    Enjoy you activated Windows 7 !


If you advanced user – You can find lots of features for system customization in “Advanced Mode”


Supported Versions

  • Windows Vista All Versions
  • Windows 7 All Versions (Including Professional and Ultimate)


File      : Windows_7_Loader_Extreme_v3.503
Size      : 26.8 MB
CRC32     : 6D6CE31A
MD5       : 8F9CCBDB647D6A7FF0C693A2700727AA
SHA-1     : 5A703B7FD91ADE87E63ECFE890E49761D596B1EB


Software Name Windows 7 Loader XE
Version 3.503 Extreme Edition
File Size 26.8 MB
Requires Net Framework 4.5+
Developer by Napalum
Category Activator
Updated July 12, 2021
Downloads 350 000 000+
Content Rating Rated for 9.8+
 Features Unlimited Activations



Can I get the windows to update after using this?
Yes, of course, you will get all the latest updates from Microsoft and get the security update as well.
Why this is shown as a threat from my virus guard?
This is a cracking tool, so it is the nature of any virus guard to detect them as threats. Not contain any kind of malicious files.
The smart-screen is Gray!, god save all of us, Windows 7 Loader broke my OS!
If you are enough fool to use SmartScreen, then EnableSmartScreen the reg file in scripts folder.
How to verify the activation?
Right click on Computer and go to properties window. You will see the message “Windows is activated”.
It successfully activate but the “Activate Windows” watermark is still there?
If you are still seeing that watermark then simply reboot your computer and it will be disappeared.
How to uninstall it is Software completely?
Simply uninstall Windows 7 Loader XE . Now your system is as fresh.
Does this work on my mobile phone or tablet also?
If they are running with standard Windows OS.