Auto Clickers – Automate Mouse Clicks

Auto Clickers – Automate Mouse Clicks

OP Auto Clickers 3.0

OP Auto Clicker


A complete OP Auto Clicker 3.0 with two autoclick modes, your dynamic cursor location or a predefined location. You can also set a maximum number of clicks (or leave it infinite). Hotkeys work in the background for convenience.
Try OP Auto Clickers 3.0 if you want to automate group mouse actions.


  • Choose whether to follow the cursor or click at a fixed location. Choose which mouse button to click as.
  • Choice between single click, double click or triple click. Set the number of clicks (or unlimited). Change hotkeys!
  • Convenient – Hotkeys work when the app is in the background.
    Free and open source! Clean user interface! Low CPU usage! Portable!
  • No ads or malware!

What’s new in v3.0:

Now you can change hotkeys! Few minor options! Added double click and triple click! Added right click and middle click!
Your settings are now saved from your last session, so you only need to enter them once. (Includes last fixed location).


IO Auto Clickers

IO Auto Clicker


Download IO Auto Clicker v1.0 to Automate Mouse Clicks! No more performing mouse clicks manually!
With IO Auto Clicker you can automate the task of clicking repeatedly on a particular point on the screen. You can also automate keyboard keys. Our New version comes with a dark mode feature.

Features IO Auto Clicker

  • For Gamers! Gamers can use it  for continuous clicking and achieve certain goals in game to win.
  • Minecraft & Roblox! Click fast or engage in a fight, you can gain an edge in both the games.
  • Fast Clicks! Characters will throw fast punches or swing swords to ultimately overpower opponents.
  • Data Entry! Use it to fill forms online, mechanical data entry, logbook entry, and data cross-checking.


GS Auto ClickersGS Auto Clicker 3.1.4


GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4 is a very useful tool that helps you automatically click and improve your performance during a boring task or develop some work without even being there.
This App is a good way to save a lot of effort when you’re doing a repetitive task or when you’re playing a game that only requires you to click. Using this tool can help you improve your productivity without even being in front of your computer.
To use GS Auto Clickers 3.1.4, you need to understand how it works. I warn you, it can be difficult at first. What you need to do is specify which points on the screen you want it to click. You need to insert two tasks: item one and item two. Once you have saved the task, you can press F8 to execute the task.

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